Imperial is the mark of our finest water and spirits. A truely exquisite drinking experience made from New Zealand artesian mineral water and the best ingredients available.

Imperial water is drawn from an ancient aquifer deep below Waiheke Island, an island paradise offshore of New Zealand. It has been scientifically dated between 150 and 200 years old and is naturally infused with minerals from within the earth and rock, before being bottled on Waiheke Island. Imperial water is uniquely soft and silky in texture and is the heart of everything Imperial.

Imperial Water

Imperial water is liquid decadence

Every source of water is unique and is influenced by the local minerals and geology of where it is drawn. As such, Imperial is naturally alkaline and delivers expressions of silky, soft textures across the palate. The integrity and quality of Imperial water is paramount and made to the highest standards - Imperial water has no added minerals and is not chemically treated, leaving it as pure as when it arrived.

Imperial Water

Silky, Soft, Natural

Imperial water has a unique structure, mineral balance and freshness making it the perfect accompaniment to any fine spirit, particularly whisky. Take your tasting experience to another level by simply adding a couple of drops of Imperial water to your spirit and a transformation will take place. It will 'open it up' and allow you to discover hidden flavours, bouquets and notes that were not there before. Untouched for over 150 years we take pride in delivering Imperial water to you in our beautiful glass bottle.

Average Age: 172 years

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Imperial Water Age Report

Imperial Mineral Analysis Report


Imperial water comes from Waiheke Island, New Zealand, known for its pristine waters, where the native Maori people would replenish their supplies and energy, either before paddling off to, or returning home from battle. Many Maori lived on Waiheke Island and depended on its water for centuries. In later years, ships from around the world, including those captained by early explorer James Cook, would stop, rest and refill their water stores from the beautiful Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Island translates from Maori (Motu-Wai-Heke) to ‘Island of cascading waters’. Bottled right at the source, Imperial water is the ultimate expression of form and decadence. Over many years under extreme pressure, Imperial water is naturally infused with ancient minerals from beneath New Zealand, giving it an uniquely soft taste and feel.

Imperial Spirits

Decadent Water, Decadent Spirits.

Our spirits are made using Imperial water and distilled, blended and infused with premium organic ingredients to produce the finest quality, organic spirits. All of our spirits are hand made, in small batches, using the latest distillation technology. Our spirits are smooth and easy to drink, with a focus on layering of flavour. Our spirits are made in small amounts and are available in limited yearly quantities.

Imperial Gin

with natural quinine

A super smooth New Zealand gin, masterfully distilled using a blend of classic, new world and native botanicals then infused with a natural native quinine. Botanicals such as manuka flowers, kawakawa leaves and the quinine are sourced from native New Zealand flora for only a few months of the year making this gin extra special. We add 23ct Italian gold flake for an extra element of decadence.

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55 ml
38% Alcohol

Imperial Rum

spiced with sophistication

Hand crafted and spiced with vanilla, cinnamon and ginger, Imperial Rum is a truly unique blend, offering sophisticated, deep luscious flavours such as walnut and manuka honey, leaving a plentiful, rewarding aftertaste.

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55 ml
38% Alcohol

Imperial Bee

Bee venom, propolis and pollen

A luscious expression of all things New Zealand honey bee. Manuka honey, bee venom, propolis and pollen all combine to make this natural, great tasting New Zealand bee tonic. The key ingredients are sourced annually and are seasonal, making the production of Imperial Bee tonic limited, but extra special.

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55 ml
20% Alcohol

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Imperial represents the highest quality water and spirits, all sharing the unique essence of Waiheke Island.

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